Adopt a Family Association

Testimonials by Clients and Community Partners

To the kind women of Adopt a Family Association:  "Firstly I wanted to thank you for your time while you interviewed us9 my daughter and me) for the program."  I came in with what I thought was everything and forgot my proof of food stamps."  "As I was leaving in tears the supervisor decided to still do the interview which I was extremely grateful for."  " Even though we were not selected to receive help I understand."   "I did not come until around December 2nd, I thought I could pull Christmas off but everything fell apart right from under me."  " But for those 10 minutes, the supervisor listened to me cry and fall apart and it meant a lot to me and helped me calm down."  "Thank you again and God Bless you all for at least considering helping us."  S. Adkins family-(2015)   side note; the family was invited to our holiday party for those we could not match with sponsors.  MMedley

To Ms. Medley:  "Just wanted to say thank you so very much."  "You have truly blessed my family and I at at time when it was really needed."  "I am truly humbled and blessed."  ' My family and I appreciate everything you have done to help us."  " To God Be The Glory"  "May you be richly blessed for your kindness and blessing spirit."  "Thank you again, I can never say thank you enough."  "God Bless',  B Davis Family( adopted family 2015)

From the Positive Education Program


Madeline:  "Thank you so much for your assistance with this program."  "We here at Palmer Holland consider this a success" "we were able to deliver to our adopted family this weekend, and hope it helps them in the coming months."  "Happy Holidays!"  Christine(family sponsor 2015

"Dear Friends:  I am thankful for all of the gifts, I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and may God Bless you always." With all my love, Cordero Family-(adopted family 2015)

"The gifts that myself and my family received was above and beyond what we expected."  "Our family truly has been blessed by all the people that help and are involved with the Adopt a Family Program."  "Thanks for selecting us.   The Robinson Family-(adopted family 2015)

"I would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity that you have extended to me and my family."  "As a single mother of four children, I appreciate the care and love of others whom help others in times of need. " :I hope your are blessed beyond measures."  Sincerely the Wagner Family( adopted family 2015)

"Madeline & Debbie, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.   We were able to provide our two families with a great deal of presents &  etc and are grateful to you for your coordination of the program."
Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland- (family sponsor 2014)

"I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping our family in time of need."  And though my words can not even begin to express my family's gratitude, we hope that your holidays are as special as you have made ours." God bless you."
A. England -Covington OH. (adopted family 2014)

"Adopt a Family, I want to say thank yo very much and Bless you all for helping my boys and myself, I have never met any one as kind as you were to us."  "Thank you." C. Brown-(adopted family 2014)

"Me and my children would like to thank your organization for helping us out this Christmas."  You mad it possible for my children to have an amazing Christmas, which I would not have been able to do for them this year." " This Christmas was very special and will never be forgotten."  and I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."  I hope god blesses each and every one of you!"  "You are amazing people!"
P. McKenzie- (adopted family 2014)

" Thank you so much!" " Your thoughtfulness at Christmas meant more than words can say."  "Thank you all so much for the perfect gifts they was exciting and everything was great.  "God Bless you for selecting our family." C. Johnson/Morrison- (adopted family 2014)

"The world needs more people like you". "The world needs more people as thoughtful as you and for joy is a part of each nice thing you do."  "Thank you for all of your wonderful ways and for providing a Christmas for my children, without you it wouldn't have been possible".
C. Davis-(adopted family 2014)

" A time for thanks. a time to say God Bless you now and every day." "Thank you for being so special to my family"
Johnson Family -(adopted family 2014)

"Hello! Thank you dearly for everything you all did for my myself (Chryssy Tsolakidis, Conlan, Sophie  and my Father. My son 6 year old son Conlan has severe cerebral palsy and this was my Fathers last Christmas Day as he is.fighting stage 4 cancer. I also have a toddler with speech apraxia. Since I care for all 3 of my loved 24/7 I can making Christmas morning IMPOSSIBLE. Adopt a Family had other plans for us and by a true act of a miracle we were matched with a group of people that went over and beyond for my family. EVERY gift was bought with thought, my son is NOT easy to buy for and they NAILED it. He was severely sick on Christmas morning as although he opened a few gifts we had to wait to a couple days after to finish his. They were SO generous in gifts, seeing my children smile again and for them being my kiddos "hoho" as Sophie would say makes us forever grateful. It was very personal when they came over to meet us and they even helped sneak the presents in the back of my van so the kids would'nt see them. Even my Father so SO emotionally overwhelmed. Thank you Adopt a Family for working SO hard to help my family. We are forever grateful to you also. Here are some pictures  :) Iv personally been in touch with Lissy at the car dealership several times since after Christmas and have already sent pictures and a thank you. Thank you for giving my family one last reason to smile before my dad becomes an angel! It was a Christmas to remember . GOD BLESS. ♡ Love,  C. Tsolakidis- (adopted family,2014)

"Thank you so so Much!! I am just seeing this email today and it was so thoughtful and thankful of you to pass that along! I am very great fun there are amazing people in this world and I will never be able to thank you enough for your help! My children are going to be so happy and I hope that you and our family have a very merry Christmas and I will be thinking of you...  Thank you thank you again."
Danielle Herring- (adopted family from Kentucky 2014)

"We are so happy we found your organization.  Thank you for all you do and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!"Michael and Melanie (family sponsors 2014)

"Shannon and her wonderful family spoiled my son this year for Christmas and I can't thank them all enough! They were very wonderful! I'm Wondering if there is any contact information that I can have for them so my son and I can send their family something after the holiday. It would mean a lot to me if I can show them my appreciation. Thank you all for everything you do!" "Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!"
F. Fedarko-(adopted family 2014)

"Hi Madeline -- just wanted to let you know we delivered the gifts to the Estep family on Christmas Eve.
Tracy told us that they had had a fire, so we were able to come up with some good used household items for them also.We hope they had a good Christmas, and we appreciated the opportunity to take some small part in helping them get back on their feet."
Chembar Inc.  (family sponsor 2014)

"Madeline, I  just wanted to thank you for allowing our work group to provide support for the Lynch family during this difficult time for them but a blessed time for our group.  After contacting Sharetta she has informed me that they are currently homeless and staying at the west-side catholic shelter.  This has brought so much emotion and support from our small group to be able to provide this family with an exciting amount of gifts.  I am so happy to share with my family some love and support for this family in need, I'm not sure that these words can do my personal fulfillment justice.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to support members of our community, our future leaders and children of God and remind them that they do matter!" Carrie from the Cleveland Clinic (family sponsor 2013)

Carrie S. and the PICC team at Cleveland Clinic, 2013."We wanted to let you know that we had an amazing Christmas and we would really like to receive the address to the people who made it possible so that we can send them a thank you card. We wanted to get it to them sooner than now but I went into the hospital the day after Christmas and just got out 4 days ago.  I have pneumonia.  I am feeling a little better now but still having some problems.  Johnny ended up getting the flu as well.  But we are all recovering now and wanted to make sure and send our thanks.  It meant so much to see the children smile especially Ashley." The Hibbs family (adopted family 2013.)

Hello Madeline:

"Our Christmas was so wonderful! The stuff that she did for us was amazing! My son got to meet Santa. He also received a post card from Disney world and Mickey and all his friends signed it".
"This was truly the best Christmas we have had. Thank you so very much! I'm doing well at this time. I go for my next set of scans here I February and I'm pretty sure they will come back the same."
Thank you,the Schafer family- (adopted family 2013.)

Good Afternoon:

"I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude for the last minute help you were able to find for the McCrimon and Williams families. The holidays always present with a unique set of challenges for families with limited income, organizations like yours help to fill a void families may experience. Again I thank you and the donors and please know the families were overjoyed by the support they received. "  
Best to you all, Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital, Pediatric Unit-. (family sponsor 2013)

Dear Adopt a Family Assn,
"Thank you so much for offering us this Christmas assistance.  Our sponsor was wonderful and have gone thorough a lot of trouble to give us a magical Christmas."  "The kids were so excited and surprised Christmas morning! What you all do for families is amazing! " Thank you so much; The Dinya family-( adopted family 2013.)

Adopt a Family:
"Thank you so much for your kindness and help this Christmas and to the organization to so generously adopted us! 
from the Brennan family( adopted family 2013.)

"Thank you so much Madeline and Debbie .  A prayer of thanks that God put us both in the same corner of his beautiful world."  "Hope you had a Merry Christmas."-The Christmas family.- (adopted family  2013)

Adopt a Family Organization:
"I'm very thankful for organization blessing me and my grandchildren."  I can't stop thinking about what this organization has done". Adopt a Family will be blessed for blessing other families in need."  In the future I hope I can be a sponsor and bless a family during the holiday."  " Thanks again, and may God continue to bless this organization."  "Merry Christmas to my family at Adopt a Family."
the Louis Family (adopted family 2013.) 

“To Thank you for your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference”. The Patterson Family-(adopted family2012)

“I want to extend a great big "Thank   -You" to Madeline Medley, Deborah Wynn and her husband who delivered my family a gift card to my home.”  “ My Sponsor who blessed my family to have a wonderful Christmas, and The Adopt-a-Family Organization.”  “My children was so happy to have gifts under the tree to open on Christmas Day, and if it wasn't for all of you my children would not have had such a wonderful Christmas.”  “My children had pajamas, socks, under garments, slippers, 3-4 outfits each, toys, games, personal items, and a delicious Christmas dinner.”   I am much appreciative as well as grateful for what my sponsor "secret Santa" has given my children.  Their faces had great big smiles, and it was a blessing from above at the last minute. I was not expecting such a great big gift when the gift card was delivered to my home. I wanted to send a picture of all the gifts that was around the tree, but I couldn't find my USB cord to upload the picture, but soon as I find it I will be sending it to you all. This was a blessed Christmas, and one that I would not forget when I was blessed by my sponsor and this organization when I am having financial problems, but "God is good", and as soon as I get on my feet I would like to donate to this organization to help someone in need like I was.  “So, again Thank-You from me and my children and grandchildren Maureen, Danielle, Monae, Bonae, and Diamond. Wishing you all a Prosperous New Year!”“Much love from us”,  - The Williams Family-( adopted family 2012)

"Thank you so much for your love and support at a time in our lives when we really needed a miracle.”   I am writing to thank you and everyone who opened their hearts to help this family.” “Thank you so much for being there for all of us my prayer is that your doors never close and that God continue to bless you and yours not just at Christmas time but all the time.” “May God continue to bless and keep you. -Donzie Blair and Family-( adopted family 2012)

To the Adopt a Family:

“Everything provided was so greatly needed.”  The clothes were something that they really needed and I could not have given them these things for Christmas because what money I have left is going to the medical bills for the three hospital stays I had this year.” -Dinah F., Grandmother-(adopted family 2011)

Adopt a Family provided support to this young Marine who had to return home from Iraq to raise his younger brothers after both parents were killed in a car accident.   He wrote: “Thanks so much for all that the good people have done for my family.”  “I was able to return back to Cleveland and was later honorably discharged from the service enabling him to stay in Cleveland and to provide a home for his brothers.” “ With the help that the Adopt a Family has provided, by brothers can sleep in beds instead of on the floors and with the support they have given me, I am able to go out and find a job to support my brothers through school and on to college. - (Mike Sommers- adopted family 2011)

“You just don’t know how I really appreciate all that the Adopt a Family people have done for my family.”  “My children are able to go to school with new clothes, coats and shoes.” “It gave me a sense of encouragement and to do the best I can to make sure that my children have whatever they need and to not depend on outside assistance again.” -Belle Marie F., Single Parent- (adopted family 2011)

“Everything provided was so greatly needed.”  The clothes were something that they really needed and I could not have given them these things for Christmas because what money I have left is going to the medical bills for the three hospital stays I had this year.” “I will do whatever it takes to help the Adopt a Family to be successful, because without them, the children would not have the clothes that they desperately needed.”- Erma B., Disabled (Grandmother-adopted family 2010)

 “It is nice to know that in the difficult time we are facing and the unstable economy, the Adopt a Family and National City are willing to step out and help the less fortunate.” Shena Townsend, Cleveland Catholic Charities

“We look forward to your continued support and sowing of seed into the community through your participation in the yearly Adopt a Family program.”- Tara Seifullah, Office of the Mayor, City of Cleveland- 2008

“We want to extend our appreciation to the Adopt a Family in supporting the families from the City Mission.”  “The need for assistance from families in the Cleveland area has increased tremendously and it is good to know that your organization was able to help the 14 families from the City Mission.”  “Your organization is greatly needed in our community and we hope that you continue the assistance that is needed every day.”  Vivian Smith, Volunteer Coordinator and Jim Whiteman, Chief Development Officer, City Mission. (2007-2008)